St. John’s Lutheran School prepares students for service, mission, and leadership through its academic strength, partnership with parents, and Christ-centered environment.

St. John’s Lutheran School faces many challenges today. Christian values and morals are rapidly disappearing. New family structures demand increased time and effort for teachers to minister to children and parents. Classroom education is not the same each year … it is constantly changing, ever evolving. The amount of knowledge students are expected to retain is increasing faster than we can imagine. Educational innovations and expectations are happening at such a frantic pace that neither teacher nor student can really keep up.

In the midst of the many changes in our school and in our world, St. John’s offers a constant that does not change. "Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever" (Hebrews 13:8). We teach the love of Jesus Christ; we teach a changeless Christ to a changing world.

To glorify God in our school and effectively provide a quality Christian education that meets the ever-changing needs of students and families, our school will focus on four core values: faith, excellence, partnership, and opportunity.


St. John’s Lutheran School helps the family by designing an academic atmosphere that encourages the child’s spiritual, intellectual, physical, emotional, and social growth by:

+ Teaching God’s Word as revealed in Holy Scripture and the Lutheran Confessions.

+ Providing Bible study, prayer, and chapel worship on a daily/weekly basis.

+ Encouraging all families to attend worship and Bible study regularly.

+ Integrating the faith into all subjects.

+ Demonstrating the love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ in instruction and discipline.

+ Providing professional faculty and staff members to serve as adult Christian role models.

+ Pursuing academic excellence in all areas of education to the glory of God.

+ Caring for the mind and body through physical education, health, sports, visual arts, and music.

+ Encouraging Christ-like behavior towards others in every aspect of life.

+ Identifying and developing the child’s God-given talents.

+ Developing the child’s character to honor God by loving and serving others.


Our vision as a school ministry is to provide a quality, Christ-centered education that also provides a strong academic foundation to prepare all students for the demands of living in the 21st century.

To reach our vision, our students will develop into responsible, Christ-centered citizens, who make good decisions and witness their faith to others. We want our professional educators to be well-prepared to teach students in a digital age and have a great understanding of Christian doctrine and practice; the School Board and administration share in the responsibility to ensure that adequate staff development is provided to help keep teachers current and professionally prepared. And our commitment to a quality education program allows St. John’s to be a "school of choice” for many students and families, providing opportunities for every child in our school to grow, learn, and find success in school.

Developing a spirit of trust, partnership, and collaboration with parents plays a vital role in the education of students and within our entire school community. Teachers must show love and respect for the many different family situations, accepting the various learning needs of students and appreciating that not all students will have the same talents, skills, or aptitudes. Being flexible and adapting to meet the individual needs of students is critical to the academic success and spiritual development of all students. Parents must also be cooperative and supportive of the efforts of our faculty and staff and handle conflicts and all situations with Christ-like love.

As partners, it is important that all stakeholders within the St. John’s community (parents, students, faculty, and congregation) display a positive attitude toward our school ministry. Concerns and opportunities for improvement should be addressed in productive ways through the proper channels. All members of the school community play the role of "advocate for the school" and should share our common mission, core values, purpose, and vision. They are responsible for sharing the strengths and positive components of our school ministry to the people of Arnold and beyond.

The end desire for St. John’s Lutheran School is to be "a great school for teaching and learning", providing students with a meaningful, quality preparation for life in a caring and passionate way, producing children who live productive Christian lives of service to our Lord and mankind.


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