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2017-2018 PK Tuition and Fees

Tuition FAQs

CLASSROOM OPTIONS: St. John's Lutheran School offers flexible scheduling class options for both Becoming 4’s (age 3 by July 31) and Becoming 5’s (age 4 by July 31). For either age, parents may choose from three program options:

·         Morning, 8:15-11:30am

·         School Day, 8:15am-3:00pm

·         Full Day opens at 6:30am and closes at 6:00pm

·         Children may be enrolled in one of the program options for 2, 3, or 5 days per week.

·         Our Pre-Kindergarten calendar runs in conjunction with our K-8 program.

REGISTRATION FEE is an annual fee payable at registration. The fee covers instructional materials, field trips, health supplies and services, and other learning expenses that generally benefit all students in our Pre-Kindergarten program.

The Pre-Kindergarten registration fee is $100 per child.

The fee is non-refundable unless the student does not meet criteria for acceptance, or if classroom space is unavailable, or for other exceptional reasons such as the family moving out of the area.

TUITION is paid through TADS (tuition management program) and covers most, but not all, personnel and administrative expenses. In brief, registration fees pay for materials that students use while tuition helps cover the professional services of teachers and staff. St. John’s Lutheran Church provides facilities plus additional financial support for operating the school program:

2 Days

3 Days

5 Days





School Day




Full Day





10-month payment plans begin in August (last payment in May).

12-month payment plans begin in June (last payment in May).

One annual payment (due by August 20) includes a 2% discount.

Contact the school office for information and payment plan options.

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