Preschool Parent. As we come up on our first full year of having our children in school at St. John’s, my husband and I are extremely happy to have found such a quality place for our kids to spend each day, and the quality of their education is evident not only in the projects they bring home, but also in the ideas they think about and discuss with us. They both embrace the chance to learn about Christian principles in their school environment and have grown beautifully in their faith. To you and your staff, I want to thank you and make sure you know what a great place St. John’s is, in particular for two of your littlest students!

1st Grade Parent. I just want to say that I love my son’s teacher! I am very happy to have him at St. Johns.

5th Grade Parent. Not sure words would ever fully express our sincere appreciation for our school and our staff. This is our first year at St. John’s and I thank God each day for each and every one of you! You have all truly blessed our lives beyond expectation and you are in our prayers daily. God has truly blessed us with a wonderful "home".

Middle School Parent. St. John’s has offered my children a solid Christian education. Academically they are above the public school standards and with Christ as the focal point in our home, church, and school we feel we have given them a good foundation in which they can build their lives upon in high school and adulthood.

Middle School Parent. We have benefited greatly from our school experience.  Our children have graduated or will graduate from 8th grade at St. John’s. They are better young adults for their experiences.


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