Art and music are gifts from God. To develop these gifts, our school provides children with a basic foundation in fine arts and music so that they may be prepared to enjoy and participate in creative arts now and in the future.

ART. Our school is well-known for its art curriculum. Students in Grades K-8 use a variety of art mediums to create two and three-dimensional art. Our school regularly displays student art in the school and art exhibits.

MUSIC. Music class in Grades K-4 is focused on listening, playing, singing, and dancing/moving. Students study songs and compositions that reinforce grade level appropriate activities. Lessons include the study of beat, rhythm, melody, harmony, form, expression, and tone color.

Students in Grades K-4 participate in choir and students in Grades 5-8 have opportunities for band and vocal choirs. Performances include church worship, chapel, school musicals, and other concerts.

Choir and Concert Schedule

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